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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Announcements ~
Property Management Company Information
Effective immediately Chesapeake Bay Management has changed our Association Manager to Qiana Kirkman. If you have any questions you may contact her at qkirkman@1cbm.com.
New Committees: We have 2 new committees looking for members.  Newsletter committee and Goose Removal committee.  Contact us at hoa@waterstone-community.com if you are interested in joining either one.
Break-Ins: Please be aware that there has been an increase in break-ins in the Western Branch area. Be diligent, keep your doors locked and be aware of your surroundings. Call the police if you see something suspicious. 
Increase in Homeowners Association Assessment and discount removal:  In accordance with the recent approved budget, quarterly assessments have been increased from $80 to $90 starting with the January payment. Also, there will no longer be a discount offered for paying the assessment in full in January. If you do not want a coupon book sent to you this year please e-mail Qiana Kirkman at qkirkman@1cbm.com by December 2nd. 
Pay your Homeowner's Dues Online: You may make your online dues payments here:  https://www.hoabankservices.com/onlinepayments/
Facebook Page
We have an unofficial Facebook page that anyone in Waterstone (including renters) can join.  You are welcome to join by searching for "Waterstone Community" or click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1777169525832041/.  Remember, this is unofficial however so far the participation and positivity on the page has been awesome.  Note that no official communication will go through the Facebook page.  Thanks to those that help set it up and are working as admins on the page! NEW: We have had several non-residents of Waterstone request to join the page.  Therefore we have added some security questions to be able to join.  They are very easy and anyone living in Waterstone should be able to answer them.
Trash Can Placement: Please place your trash can and recycle bin at least 4 feet apart on recycling day so the garbage trucks can grab your cans without knocking over your other can. Also, remember to only put your garbage (including lawn waste) out the evening BEFORE trash pickup day.
Please make sure you are walking your dogs on a leash.  
There have been reports of Waterstone residents walking their dogs off a leash.  If you have questions, here are some answers from the City: http://www.cityofchesapeake.net/Page3175.aspx.  If you see neighbors with dogs off leash, please remind them of the rules. 
Please Lock Your Vehicles and Do Not Leave Them Running In Your Driveway
Also be weary of solicitors without proper certification and identification
Searchable Documents
There are now searchable Homeowner's Association documents on the HOA Documents page.  They do not replace the originals that are scanned and located there, but if you open up one of the documents labeled "searchable", you can press "Control F" and search for specific words.
Board Members and Officers
The current Association management team is:
Scott King - BOD/ President
VACANT - BOD/Vice President
Dan Grymes - BOD/Secretary/Treasurer
There are opportunities to serve as an officer or on a committee. Please contact qkirkman@1cbm.com about these as well.
The bylaws are published on the website and can be read here.
Don't Forget To Submit An ARC Application For Exterior Projects
Just a reminder that any exterior changes to your home; roof, siding, paint color, shutter color, fence, shed, deck, dock etc., requires an ARC application before work begins.  You can find the application here on our website and submitting it is quick and easy.  It only takes a few days to be approved and then you can begin your project.
PLEASE NOTE: This includes any fences built to conceal garbage cans! Planting plants, shrubs and trees does not require an application.


~ Upcoming Events ~
Waterstone Halloween Parade and Chili Cook-Off
Saturday, October 21st, 2017 Septaria Quay 4:00 PM
Open to all Waterstone residents, children and grandchildren. Activities and snacks to follow parade. Chili Cookoff starts at 5:00 PM. Corn bread and dessert will be provided. There will also be hot dogs and mac & cheese for the kids. Contact Melissa at mzarmitage@gmail.com or 757-373-3221 if you will plan to attend, cook chili, or help set up/clean up.

~ Yard of the Month~
September 2017: Chuck and Merideth Novak 2023 River Pearl Way
August 2017: Roy and Doris McNeal 2051 River Pearl Way
July 2017: John and Sandra Norris 4705 Amber Cove
June 2017: Russell and Vina Johnson 2101 Seastone Trace
May 2017: Caroline and Joey Piland 2137 Seastone Trace
April 2017: Trish and Dave Zilber 2039 River Pearl Way

~ Welcome New Residents ~

Waterstone welcomes our new neighbors!


~ Survey ~
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