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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Announcements ~
New Web Site for Waterstone: The board voted to keep our current website (this location).  However, you still need to make your online payments at http://www.smartstreet.org.  Thank you for all of your comments both on the survey, in person, at the meeting, and on our Facebook Page.
Facebook Page
We have an unofficial Facebook page that anyone in Waterstone (including renters) can join.  You are welcome to join by searching for "Waterstone Community" or click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1777169525832041/.  Remember, this is unofficial however so far the participation and positivity on the page has been awesome.  Thanks to those that help set it up and are working as admins on the page! 
Trash Can Placement: Please place your trash can and recycle bin at least 4 feet apart on recycling day so the garbage trucks can grab your cans without knocking over your other can. 
Waterstone Community Picnic
The Waterstone community picnic has been postponed to a later date due to weather.  Stay tuned to here or your e-mail!
Please make sure you are walking your dogs on a leash.  
There have been reports of Waterstone residents walking their dogs off a leash.  If you have questions, here are some answers from the City: http://www.cityofchesapeake.net/Page3175.aspx.  If you see neighbors with dogs off leash, please remind them of the rules. 
Please Lock Your Vehicles and Do Not Leave Them Running In Your Driveway
Also be weary of solicitors without proper certification and identification
OPT Out of Payment Coupons: If you wish to opt out of receiving payment coupons in the mail, please e-mail Kimberly Katz at kkatz@1cbm.com.  This has to be done each year. 
Searchable Documents
There are now searchable Homeowner's Association documents on the HOA Documents page.  They do not replace the originals that are scanned and located there, but if you open up one of the documents labeled "searchable", you can press "Control F" and search for specific words.
Property Management Company Information
Effective November 21, 2014 Chesapeake Bay Management, Inc took over the management of the Waterstone community. CBM purchased the property management division of Towne Bank and Towne Bank is no longer in the property management business. We are excited to have Kimberly Katz as our new Association Manager. CBM only does one thing, they manage associations. They are a very experienced company and we look forward to working with Kimberly. If you have any questions you can contact her at 757-491-6557 or kkatz@1cbm.com.
Board Members and Officers
The current Association management team is:
Dennis Newton - BOD/ President
Tony Menzl - BOD/Vice President
Dan Grymes - BOD/Secretary/Treasurer
There are opportunities to serve as an officer or on a committee. Please contact Kimberly Katz about these as well.
The bylaws are published on the website and can be read here.
Don't Forget To Submit An ARC Application For Exterior Projects
Just a reminder that any exterior changes to your home; roof, siding, paint color, shutter color, fence, shed, deck, dock etc., requires an ARC application before work begins.  You can find the application here on our website and submitting it is quick and easy.  It only takes a few days to be approved and then you can begin your project.
PLEASE NOTE: This includes any fences built to conceal garbage cans! Planting plants, shrubs and trees does not require an application.


~ Upcoming Events ~
Waterstone Halloween Celebration and Chili Cookoff (See location change)
Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 October 22th at 4 pm in Acentela Quay Halloween Party and Costume Parade. Chili cookoff will start at 5
Please join us October 22th at 4 pm in Acentela Quay Halloween Party and Costume Parade. This is for all neighborhood kids. Resident’s grandchildren are welcome too! The plan is for the parade and crafts for the kids at 4 and chili cook off at 5. We will have a bounce house in addition to our usual activities you may want to plan to change kids out of their costumes after the parade portion of the afternoon. And then… Chili cookoff will start at 5 Bring your best chili to enter to win. Cornbread and dessert will be provided. Volunteers need for set up and clean-up. Please contact Melissa Armitage at mzarmitage@gmail.com if you are able to assist. In order to have enough for all we ask that you RSVP via the Facebook group or call Melissa Armitage (757)373-3221. We will be providing chili toppings, hotdogs and Mac and cheese for the children as well as water, juice boxes and dessert. Please comment on the event page on FB, or e-mail the Waterstone HOA, or call Melissa if you are planning to enter the chili contest. 1 vote per person.

~ Yard of the Month~
The board goes through the neighborhood to vote during the first week of each month from May through August.

~ Welcome New Residents ~

Waterstone welcomes our new neighbors!


~ Survey ~
Please login to view and vote in our survey.